Journal Entry 3.19-7.19

Hi there, it’s me again!

These past few months have been, to put it simply, reinvigorating. I’ve been getting in tune with different areas in my life, discovering new treasures within, writing until I cant feel my wrist, praying for answers, and being 100% real with myself. 

After months of keeping my writing limited to my journals and instagram posts, I felt as though God was pushing me to write a blog post on some (not all) of the most wonderful things He’s taught me since February of this year. In order to update you all, each lesson will be titled according to the month in which it was taught. 

March 2019

A season of re-evaluation. 

To re-evaluate means “to assess or evaluate (something or someone) again especially with regard to changes or new information”. When it comes to our personal growth, whether it be spiritual, physical or mental we forget to take the time to review the progress we’ve made and cut the things that no longer serve us well. We don’t realize how far we’ve come along nor the accomplishments that were met greatly because of the fast paced world we live in, always thinking about the next “big thing” and forgetting to celebrate the present. Reassess and Progress. 

April 2019

Life is a game of “Red light, Green light”

Do you all remember that game the average child would play at the elementary school playground where there would be one person symbolizing the “traffic light” standing, I don’t know, maybe 50 feet away from a group of let’s say 10 others. Now the whole point of this game is to obey the “traffic light” in this case the person who’s “it”. If the traffic light said “GREEN LIGHT!” The 10 others would start moving closer to the traffic light, but if the traffic light said “RED LIGHT!” the others must obey, and stop moving, or else, game over!

Life is like playing one big game of red light, green light. God is the traffic light. He tells us when to stop, when to go and when to slow down. The more you listen to Him, the closer you get to Him. Red light, Green light!…go. 

May 2019

Last moments basking in 22. 

May 19, 2019 

“Dear God, As I come to close Chapter 22, I’m swept away with the work you have done in me and through me. Thank you for a year filled with life, lessons, joy, challenges and awe moments. You’ve built me up and shaped me into the woman speaking to you today. Lord, you’ve marked me. You’ve marked my calling. This coming year, I cast all my worries, concerns and all of my hopes, dreams and heart’s desires to You. I give you my life. Continue to lead me to step into the divine calling you have set before me. Create a desire in me to love what you love and to hate what you hate.

This year, make me more like you. For it’s not about creating a new better version of myself but rather about developing more of Your characteristics in my own character. You are the greatest birthday gift of them all. Thank you for your never ending love, grace, peace and joy. You are the reason I wake up in the morning and the reason I am able to go to school and touch the lives of many with something as small as a smile. I love you Lord. I’m ready to step into 23 with you.


June 2019

What are you seeking? 

In a world of constant comparison, vanity, and opinions, how are you doing? How are you doing, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually? Are you walking around with your head held assertively up? When you see someone pass by you at work, school or maybe even at the mall, do you instantly jump into comparison? I want you to let go of the worlds ideas, and fashions and what it tells you you are and I want to encourage you to open yourself up into the indescribably beautiful world God designed it to be. 

You see, we’re always going around asking, seeking the opinions of others. Do you like her shoes or do you not? Do you like the way he did his hair, or do you not? Do you like her outfit, or do you not? Now when we do this we then wire our brains to see what we do NOT like about it! It shifts our minds to think negatively about the person, their hair, outfit, whatever the it may be. So many today are caught up in that negative, twisted mentality that ultimately leads to the creation of an ugly world in their minds. But that’s just it! The world isn’t ugly at all. In fact, it’s far from it! You design the world you live in, so the trick—begin seeking the beautiful things. Open your eyes to the good and the beauty in every person and/or thing. You’ll see yourself instantly become liberated and filled with such joy that it will pave the way to so many bright things in your life. In the Bible it says “seek and you will find” (Matthew 7:7-8). So my dear beautiful soul, shut the negative whispers out and seek Truth. 

July 2019

Overthinking about overthinking.

If you know me, you know I’m an over thinker. I have a huge imagination that runs wild about just ‘bout everything, scenarios, comments, decisions, etc. I could literally bask in a decision I made the whole entire dayyy. Did I make the right decision? Should I have said something differently? Will I still be on track to what God wants to do in my life? These questions literally eat me up from the inside out. It’s exhausting, and quite honestly God’s just as exhausted and down right offended when He sees you trying, manipulating or attempting to force outcomes. 

Silencing my mind to meditate on His Word, giving Him all my anxieties, and waiting on Him to open the right doors at the right time not only rekindles my soul with peace but also brings glory and satisfaction to Him all because of a simple swap of overthinking to prayer. 

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