Among the Wise

She is practical. She’s down to earth. She teaches you how to live. She combines understanding with discipline—the kind of discipline an athlete needs in training. She also throws in a bonus! She gives you a spike of common sense. Something, ironically, not so common these days. Her name is wisdom.

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My Birthday Wish

To my precious baby girl,

I haven’t met you yet, but something was put in my heart to write this to you. So whether it’s actually for you or another soul out there, I pray it does its job.

I want to start off by saying that I love you and I will love you unconditionally ’til the end of time itself. I want to assure you, you will never come to know a day without love. A love so deep, the oceans will envy.

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Home Stretch

When the going gets a little tougher, it’s so much easier to slow down and cross that finish line mediocrely.

As I get closer and closer towards the end of my semester, it becomes harder and harder to stay motivated and focused on finish off strong…especially after spring break. Pushing through that state of procrastination and hinderance however, I found that little bit of drive still left in me. Just enough to get me through finals week. Cause after all, it is not about how you start that matters, but rather, how you finish.

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Monday ‘tude

This semester I’ve been jam-packed with class. Especially, my Mondays. I remember starting off this semester thinking to myself how brutal those days were. It was the worst day to have an 8am-8pm schedule. To say the least, I wasn’t the happiest camper…I dreaded Mondays.

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Be a Poem

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot more poetry than usual. I don’t have as much time on my weekdays to be able to start a new book so reading simple, short, and sweet poems here and there seems to be keeping me sane.

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Extend Your Impact

A couple of weeks ago, I began documenting what I eat on a regular basis on my personal Instagram page, and although putting these photos up may seem very minuscule and insignificant, it really helped put things into perspective.

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