One Year Old

December 19th, 2016.

I was sitting in my kitchen back in Miami, overflowing with excitement as I finished up designing the website, the logo, and my very first blog post. The vision I had months ago in starting up a blog site finally came to life. Pure As Gold was born.

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Selfless in a Sea of Selfish

It is so astonishing to me to see how selfish humankind is. We go around day by day not giving a single care about anyone or anything but ourselves. We are constantly bombarded with self-absorbing, self-promoting lifestyles. We think about how we’re feeling, our plans for the coming weekend, what we will wear, how we will do our hair, what we will eat, and then sprinkle a little bit of generosity here and there.

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Everyday is Your Birthday

It’s 8am, and sunshine begins to fill your room. You wake up with the biggest smile on your face. So much excitement rushing and pumping through your blood. You’ve lived another year, you’re ready to celebrate your special day… it is your birthday.

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The Time of Your Life

We learn by observing. We learn by experiencing. We learn by traveling. We learn by reading.

One of my favorite ways to learn is through the reading of a good book. Books allow me to live so many different lives, and teach me so many relevant lessons to save me from experiencing the same struggles in my life today.

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Eternal Satisfaction

Lately, I’ve been finding myself writing, but not with the same fervor and passion as the past months. I’ve been getting lost, preoccupied with the distractions of the world and seeking satisfaction in so many different avenues.

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An Irritating Blessing

Nature’s alarm clocks begin to ring. Roosters crowing as the sun begins it’s 12-hour shift, birds chirping singing signals to other birds about their vitality and strength; golden beams of energy breaking through the curtains reaching into my eyes.

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