Root Your Routine

If you were to continue doing what you’re doing everyday from the moment you wake up to the moment you rest your head on that plushy pillow, will you be happy with your life 10 years from now, or even 2 years from now? Are you really using the 24 hours you have been given wisely? 

The results you reap today are from the seeds you sowed yesterday.

On my most recent break back home, I was so distracted from my daily routine. So many things just popped up. I got so caught up in enjoying being back with those closest to me and all the luxuries of being home that I completely neglected my quiet time with God in the morning and night. I would read & write less, I’d sleep in, drink less water, etc. I remember feeling so empty, disorganized and unsatisfied with the things of the world. I wasn’t happy with the way I felt and I for sure wanted to see different results…I knew it all came down to my routine. I had to make some adjustments so I narrowed it down to the three most important things I wanted change in. 

1) I want to strengthen my faith/ my relationship with God. 

I want to grow stronger with Him, in Him. I want to know Him more, reason being…the more I know Him, the more direction I receive—the more clarity, joy, peace and intuitiveness I have. It’s something I can’t live without. When I spend those first moments in the morning with Him, my life feels in place, lacking absolutely nothing. I know that if I keep Him first, everything else falls into place. 

2) I want to feel less sluggish.

So here’s what I did… 

I created a set schedule. Granted, there are far less distractions in my little town in the Dominican Republic so I guess you could say it’s a bit easier to establish such a schedule that can’t be detoured. But I’d like to challenge you to set up your own schedule. Make a list of your priorities—things you value most, what you want to improve on, and jump on it! 

I am a hugeee planner (It’s both a blessing and a curse.) Schedules have always helped me create a habit and have disciplined me to stay the course. If you could create a schedule where you have a set time for the most valuable things in your life— if you say for example, “From 7am-8am I’m going to wake up and spend that time to write and pray,” — and if you consistently choose to take that hour every morning, everyday to establish that healthy habit, eventually that conscious decision will run it’s course in your life. The conscious decision to wake up and pick up a notepad, as opposed to your phone will then become an empowering subconscious habit of yours that 10 years from now you will thank yourself for. 

3) I want to learn more!

I want to expand my thinking. I want to grow in knowledge and experience. So an easy, productive way to do this is that I schedule in some reading time. Something farrrrr from related to dental anatomy, or biochemistry. In doing so, my break times are productive. I’m expanding my vocabulary, my creative thinking, and best of all, I get to live so many more lives JUST through reading! 

Now let’s say your schedule is pretty crazy and the only real “break time” you really have is in the car, on your way to and from work. Use that time wisely! Podcasts are another great way to learn and listen in on some pretty great books. 

With that being said, self-talk is so, so critical. I’ve seen it in my life, and in the lives of so many others. Words have power. If you change the way you look at things, the things change. So get into the habit of speaking beautiful, compassionate things to yourself and about yourself. If there’s a quality about yourself you want to get rid of, maybe a habit of yours that’s not so wonderful or empowering, change your routine and visualize your life glowing and growing rich from the inside out as you root your routine. 

Tell yourself everyday: 










I am a CHILD OF GOD.” 

And you are! So what’s stopping you? Be the change you want to see in the world. 

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